Timeline of a Civil Appeal

The AOIC provides a guide of frequently asked questions relating to civil appeals in the Illinois Appellate Court (it does not cover criminal appeals).  It is intended to assist self-represented litigants with understanding the steps necessary to file a civil appeal by addressing commonly asked questions about the process.

You may view individual sections below:

Section 1:    The Basics of an Appeal
Section 2:    Overview of Steps and Forms
Section 3:    Information for the Appellee
Section 4:    Notice of Appeal
Section 5:    Request for Preparation of Record on Appeal
Section 6:    Request for Report of Proceedings, Bystander’s Report, or Agreed Statement of Facts
Section 7:    Docketing Statement
Section 8:    Appellate Briefs
Section 9:    Oral Argument
Section 10:  The Appellate Court’s Decision
Section 11:  Other Resources