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Learn about Becoming a Court Interpreter

Learn about the process to become a certified court interpreter.

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Legal Glossaries

Here are a list of legal glossaries from various state courts within the National Center for State Courts’ Council of Language Access Coordinators.

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Local and online training programs for Interpreters

Learn more about universities, colleges, organizations, and online resources that offer training for interpreters.

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Self-Study Resources for Interpreters

To assist with self-study, here are some resources from the National Center for State Courts and other states around the country with interpreter certification programs, in addition to other study tools, bilingual resources and related links.

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Illinois Supreme Court Code of Interpreter Ethics

The Illinois Interpreter’s Code of Ethics clarifies the proper scope of an interpreter’s role and their responsibilities.

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AOIC Court Interpreter Registry

The AOIC maintains a Court Interpreter Registry (Registry) that lists certified, registered, and qualified spoken language interpreters and sign language interpreters that have met certain training and testing requirements.

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