E-filing Information

Click here to electronically file (e-file) your court documents and scroll down for written guides.

You must e-file all court documents in civil cases in Illinois unless (1) you are an inmate in a prison or jail and you do not have a lawyer; (2) you are filing a will; (3) you are filing into a juvenile court case; (4) you have a disability that prevents you from e-filing; or (5) for good cause. The first 4 exemptions are automatic and you do not need to submit additional paperwork.

The fifth exemption (good cause) requires you to fill out and file a Certification for Exemption from E-Filing (found here: ilcourts.info/forms), and to check off one of the following reasons to be exempt from e-filing:

(a) I am representing myself and do not have the Internet or a computer in my home. My only access is through a public terminal at a courthouse, library, or other location. This poses a financial or other hardship.
(b) I am representing myself and have trouble reading, writing, or speaking in English.
(c) I am filing a document in a sensitive case, such as a petition for an order of protection or a civil no contact/stalking order.
(d) I tried to e-file my documents, but I was unable to complete the process because the equipment or assistance I need is not available.


For a general overview of e-filing, please review this in English or Español.

There are two versions of Odyssey eFileIL. There are resources for both here or scroll down to find the guides that match the version you are using.

OPTION 1: Below are resources for the Odyssey eFileIL site available at: https://efileil.tylertech.cloud.

Step-by-step written guides Guías en Español
1.  Prepare your documents 1. Prepare los documentos
2.  Register to eFile 2. Inscríbase
3.  Sign in and reset password 3. Inicie una sesión y restablezca la contraseña
4.  Start a filing 4. Inicie una presentación
5.  Add or find case information 5. Agregue o encuentre información sobre el caso
6.  Add or see parties 6. Agregue o vea las partes
7.  Upload documents 7. Cargue los documentos
8.  Add service contacts (optional) 8. Agregue contactos a notificar (optativo)
9.  Take care of fees/fee waiver 9. Pague las cuotas/pida una exención de cuotas
10. Review and submit 10. Revise y envíe
11. Check status 11. Consulte el estado


OPTION 2: Below are resources for the Odyssey eFileIL site available at: https://illinois.tylerhost.net/ofsweb.

Step-by-step written guides Audio-visual guides Guías en Español
1.  Prepare your documents
  1.  Prepare sus documentos
2.  Register to eFile
Registering for a new account with Odyssey File & Serve
2.  Inscríbase para hacer una presentación electrónica
3.  Sign in
Signing in to your account
3.  Inicie sesión
4.  Create a new password if you forgot it
Creating a new password
4.  Genere una contraseña nueva si se olvidó la anterior
5.  Add a payment account
  5.  Agregue una cuenta de pago
6.  Enter case information
Enter your case information – new case
Enter your case information – file into existing case
6.  Ingrese la información de su caso
7.  Enter party information
Enter party information
7.  Ingrese la información de las partes
8.  Upload your documents in the filings section
Upload filings
8.  Cargue sus documentos en la sección de presentaciones
9.  Pay fees
Pay fees
9.  Pague las cuotas
10.  Review the summary and submit your efiling
  10.  Repasar el resumen y enviar su presentación electrónica