Local and online training programs for Interpreters

Local and online training programs

Below is a list of universities, colleges, organizations, and online resources that offer training for interpreters. Please note that the AOIC does not endorse any entity listed here, and if you wish to attend one of these programs to satisfy the skill building requirement, please contact Noor Alawawda at nalawawda@illinoiscourts.gov for pre-approval. Please also note that some of these programs are not specific to legal interpretation.

Local In-Person Training

Legal Court Interpreting Training
Waubonsee Interpreter Training
Triton College Spanish Language Interpretation Certificate
Triton College Polish Language Interpretation Certificate
College of Lake County Interpretation Training
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Interpreting Master’s Program
Columbia College in Chicago American Sign Language Interpreting Program
Southwestern Illinois College Sign Language Studies
Language Access Resource Center (interpreting and translating training resources and
courses located in Lombard, Illinois)
World Languages Associate in Arts available at select City Colleges of Chicago (Harold
Washington, Harry Truman, Kennedy-King, Malcom X, Olive-Harvey, Richard J. Daley,
and Wilbur Wright)

Online Training

Interpreter Education Online
University of Arizona Institute of Interpreting
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-Interpreting Master’s Program
Auburn University Online Interpreting Training
UCLA Online Spanish/English Interpreter Certificate Program
Des Moines Area Community College Online Interpreting Certificate Program
University of Southern California Online Training – for Certified and Non-Certified
University of Massachusetts at Amherst Online Courses & Certificate Program
New Mexico Judiciary Online Interpretation Training Classes
University of Minnesota Interpreting Certificate Program
William Woods University Online Bachelor of Science in ASL-English interpretations studies
Spartanburg Community College Online Interpreting Program
Seneca College Online Language Interpreter Training Program
De La Mora Interpreter Training
Triton Online Professional Interpreter Courses
Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI) – online webinars

Other Training Related Programs & Offerings

ACEBO (training products)
National Center for State Courts interpreting training tools, resources, and information
Interpreter Training Resources