Statewide Standardized Forms Project

Standardizing statewide forms have been a longstanding program of the ATJ Commission aimed at promoting and enhancing equal access to justice in Illinois.

If you are looking for a statewide standardized form, visit the court’s website. All Illinois courts must accept these forms.

Since its inception, the forms committee created several form subcommittees, which are tasked with developing standardized forms for use by self-represented litigants. Form subcommittees consist of judges, attorneys, clerks, and other court stakeholders who help draft forms.

Rules Governing Statewide Forms

Supreme Court Rule 10-101

M.R. 25401

Resolution on Standardized Forms

Forms Committee and Subcommittee Processes and Procedures

Forms Committee and Subcommittee Roles and Responsibilities

List of all Forms Committee and Subcommittee Members

Form Development Flowchart

Statewide Standardized Forms Trainings and Updates

Form Trainings and Materials

Currently Published Statewide Standardized Forms

If you have any questions or are interested in joining one of our form subcommittees, email